“We Connect Kids to Nature”
We’re Advocates for a Healthy Environment. It’s Important. It’s Possible. It’s Essential to Ensure a Livable Planet for Future Generations.

Gwen Promoting Wildlife Habitats at the Burien Farmer's Market. She's Holding a Milkweed Plant (Butterfly Habitat) Started from Seed by Nature Stewards

Thank you to the Pacific Northwest Council of Regional Carpenters and the Puget Sound Carpenter Sisters Group who donated the labor to make the birdhouse kits for the youth projects.  We greatly appreciate you!

Seahurst Park in Burien - Day 1 of the Workshop


Painting the Birdhouses – Day 2 of the Workshop

De Colores!

Birdhouse Placement on Trees in Burien - Day 3 of the Workshop


Building Birdhouses at the Community Center with Burien Mayor, Jimmy Matta

Girl Scouts helping at the New Start Community Garden

Your Backyard or Balcony can become a Wildlife Habitat. It's Easy!

Follow this link to the National Wildlife Federation website and learn how.

Habitat Stewards Built a Pollinator Garden at Mathison Park

Attract Birds, Butterflies and Bees to Your Yard or Balcony

Native Trees, Bushes, and Shrubs, like Huckleberry and Thimble Berry, support native pollinators, birds and butterflies, as well as the migratory species that are passing through. Include these plants in your landscaping.
Here's the Calendar of events for our new program: Birds, Butterflies and Bees for Burien.

In April Stewards Built a Rain Garden for Pollinators at the Hazel Valley Community Garden

Hazel Valley Community Garden - Breaking Ground in 2019

We're excited to announce that a new community garden is coming to the Hazel Valley area of Burien!

Here's the event schedule for this project.  Volunteers are Welcome.

We're partners with the Highline Untied Methodist Church, the National Wildlife Federation, the City of Burien, and members of the Hazel Valley Community.
Support for the Hazel Valley Community Garden was provided by the Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, a grant-making fund created by the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and administered by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, and the City of Burien Neighborhood Grant Program.

How the 2 Rain Gardens Function at the Hazel Valley Community Garden

One collects storm-water from the nearby roof, and the other captures and filters street run-off water, slowly filtering and removing toxins before water enters the under-ground water supply.