Making Burien Awesome

“Making Burien Awesome” Inspires Environmental Stewardship to Address Climate Change
Burien residents to take actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

1.  Learn about the effects of carbon emissions on the planet
2.  How to a establish a wildlife habitat in backyards or on apartment balconies
3.  Take part in a restoration or tree planting event

This program is funded by the Port of Seattle’s Airport Community Ecology small grants fund, “ACE,”  in partnership with the City of Burien and the National Wildlife Federation.

Keeping you up to date  – As we set the time-table and schedule the activities for the program, we’ll make updates to this page.

Weed Warriors will use grant funds to host three habitat restoration work parties in Burien parks, coordinate a public forum at the Library and provide information on the local impacts of climate change at community events.